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Documentary Family Photographer

Emma and Leah outdoor portrait
Child standing in church pew
Dad and daughter on a beach

On-location family portraiture

As well as wedding photography, I also offer on-location family portraiture. There are a number of  different terms for this. Family photojournalism, lifestyle photography, documentary photography, day in the life photography. Ultimately, they all mean the same thing.

I will create a snapshot of your family life of a given day. If you want something other than studio photography then consider me as an alternative Waterford portrait photographer. Different portrait packages available. Please contact me to find out more. 


You will have a record of how your family were on a given day, No posing, just your family being who they are with all their quirks, charm down to the smallest detail. How they looked, the clothes they wore, that cute/dodgy haircut, the toys they had and especially the ones they loved the most.

All these elements add so much vital details to photographs that get lost with studio photography. Before those little feet grow up to become big feet, lets try to capture the way your family are today. These photographs, in time will become a nostalgic reminder of your unique family that you can treasure forever.

Girl showing off her tiara
Two boys in identical suits
Baby Roisin staring at camera

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